The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony and introduction were conducted by: Shri Abhay Firodia. In brief, he touched upon:

  • A brief history of the Critical Edition:

    • It is the largest critical edition of the largest Epic of the world!
    • The project was supported by the Raja of Aundh
  • Observations on the Mahabharata:

    • The Mahabharata is both an enthralling story and engaging philosophy.
    • The evolution of the values of our Sadharan Dharma is beautifully reflected in the Gita.
  • On Draupadi Vastraharan (or Vastrakarshan)

    • Be prepared to learn interesting insights, what you think you know may not necessarily be the truth!
    • Example: “Since she had become a slave, she had not rights to wear a top garment” ~ Dr Bibek Debroy in one of his lectures.

After completing the analysis of the geography, rivers, flora, fauna, all the characters will be examined and added to The Mahabharata Cultural Index that is now being added to the critical edition.